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This page is a work in progress

Pictured here is a sampling of some of our new wooden print blocks, as they have been used to impress onto paper.  Please note:  The actual impression into clay or on paper can be essentially perfect, this was an experiment and we did it quite fast thus some of the designs may have blotches or missing sections - that are NOT on the actual blocks.  Each block will be shipped perfect.

Each block has either a letter or number next to it and a price.  If you do not see a price next to a print block - look to the far right of that row - that is the price for the entire row (or portion of row if others are priced).  Most of these are not one of a kind, we typically have 6 to 12 of each style in stock initially.  Some may be one of a kinds. 

We've impressed the blocks onto white paper then scanned it.  Its available as an Adobe PDF document that you can print to see exactly the size or shape of the print blocks.  Click on the miniature scans below for a larger version.  Your computer SHOULD have Adobe reader.  The actual size of the paper is 8.5x11".

Want to purchase blocks?  Call us!  (916) 443-5601 or our toll free line is

(888) 467-6750      Ask for Scott or Deni.

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click on any of the above to view a FULL SIZE 8.5x11" PDF version